Monday, September 7, 2009


Successful internet market entrepreneurs do not become so by chance. They demonstrate mindsets, attributes and qualities that are too numerous to mention all. However, they all demonstrate three common behaviours which ensure their continual success and these are discussed below.

Being cool under pressure

There are two ways to behave when things are not going well in your internet marketing business. One way is to give up and tell yourself you were right all along and it was too good to be true and disappear back to the corporate world and all its frustrations. The successful internet marketer does not think like that.

Instead, she is concerned about learning the lessons from her setbacks. She is determined to know why the strategy she employed did not pay off with a view of putting remedial action in place to change around her fortunes for the better. The successful internet marketer is dedicated to using management information to drive her business. For example, by knowing that her marketing expenditure in article marketing is not providing her anticipated number of leads, she may decide to allocate the article marketing budget to something that is delivering results like video marketing for example.

This coolness under pressure comes from good planning, organisation and management of the business. By understanding how her business works and how it is performing, she is able to take action to influence results in her favour.

Never resting on their laurels

The successful internet market entrepreneur celebrates his successes hard but not for too long. He is always thinking ahead as to how to replicate or better his current success. He learns from his successes as much as he learns from his failures. From every success, he looks at what he could have done better to have performed even better.

They always love a challenge and would see the challenge of performing better exciting. They are so competitive that they compete with themselves. They look at success the same way they look at failure. They build on their strengths and look to eliminate their weaknesses.

Pushing the Boat Out

Traditionally, we’ve been conditioned to believe that in business, we need to start small and grow the business gradually. Not the internet marketing entrepreneur. They go for the jugular once they see an opportunity. If for example, there are three entry levels into a business opportunity, they will go for the highest level entry, which although may cost the most will yield the highest in commission payments. They do not believe they should enter at the least level and see whether the business opportunity is for them or not.

The reason they go in big is because they have self belief. They believe an opportunity is as profitable or as good as the entrepreneur. They are conditioned for success and will therefore do all it takes. They are convinced that as long as the opportunity works for one person, it can work for them.

These three behaviour patterns are consistent to successful internet market entrepreneurs. Failure is not an option in their eyes as they have belief in their ability and will do whatever it takes to succeed. It is no coincidence that successful entrepreneurs are consistently successful in different ventures they undertake. It’s all to do with the mindset.

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