Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Web 2.0 is a recent World Wide Web buzz term that refers to the next or second generation web. There has been growing debate on whether Web 2.0 relates to new Internet technology or whether it is to do with changing behaviour patterns of Internet users. The argument seems to be settling on the latter insinuating that Internet users with little or no technical expertise can create their websites, publish their materials and interact in other ways including the uploading of videos and the sharing of photos and other information among other things.

Increasingly, being a successful leader in online marketing means understanding and mastering Web 2.0 and effectively implementing relevant strategies to gain and maintain competitive advantage. Consequently, the marketing environment has changed over the Internet as savvy entrepreneurs look to online lead generation in favour of traditional multi-level marketing methods of cold calling and utilizing warm markets.

The use of social networking is on the increase with leaders utilising Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to name a few to build their online presence with a view of marketing through these media. Apparently, Facebook has similar traffic to Google presently, so comes as no surprise that entrepreneurs are exploiting the opportunities presented as a result. Social networking is no longer the confines of teenagers willing to massage their egos publishing their status updates or current activities.

The use of videos to promote products is also on the increase with YouTube a particular favourite at the moment. Internet marketers focus on the lifestyle benefits on these videos, aiming to entice prospects to join their programs on the back of their successes. The videos range from a successful leader lounging on the beach somewhere to spending time at home with the family while most people are at work, while his automated system is making money for him in the background.

Web 2.0 leaders who love to write focus on article marketing and blogs, where they post on various topics, directly or indirectly related to their opportunity. The aim here is to develop a loyal following over a period of time that may become customers or recommend their products or services to others when trust has been established. Various sites publish these articles for free including Amazines, EzineArticles and GoArticles. The two most popular blog sites are Blogger and Wordpress.

The key to their success is not just confined to Web 2.0 leaders implementing these lead generation strategies for their own benefit. They teach their team members to do the same thereby leveraging their efforts. As they and their team members attract prospects to their business the potential upfront and residual income increases. More importantly, these leads are targeted which implies that conversion rate to actual customers or team members is most likely to be higher than traditional MLM methods of cold calling and warm market, as these people may not have the remotest interest in the business opportunity.

Web 2.0 leaders currently have competitive advantage in terms of lead generation over the traditional MLM leaders as their strategy is based on effective targeting. By utilising social networking, video marketing, article marketing and blogging, and teaching their downline to do the same, they are giving their businesses every change to grow and meet their objectives.

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