Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So you have started your career in network marketing or intend to but are not sure you have what it takes to succeed because of the prospect of personal selling involved? The good news is you can definitely succeed; however, the challenge is you need to look for the right business opportunity and to change your mindset. The way forward in network marketing is slowly evolving from the traditional MLM model. Here are a few ways of succeeding in your business without personal selling.

Find a company that does not preach the need for a warm market

Traditional MLM companies that ask you to write an exhaustive list of your friends, relatives and work colleagues and try to recruit them into your business should be avoided, especially if you are concerned this may lead to strained relationships and a great deal of embarrassment.

New network marketing companies are springing up which abhor this practice and instead teach you how to generate leads with little or no cost. Some of these systems do all the sales work for you. For example, for a small monthly fee, one company uses call centre operators who call applicants on your behalf to answer any questions they may have about the business. These companies base their unique selling point on the time freed up for members to focus on marketing their business rather than trying to sell the opportunity.

Find a system designed to make leads come to you

New network marketing companies moving away from traditional MLM design their entire system around reducing or eliminating the need to call leads. With effective auto-responder strategy, leads are prompted at pre-determined intervals about the opportunity using effectively designed email messages. In a nutshell, you will not fail in this type of opportunity solely by not calling your leads.

The only people this type of system requires you to call are those who have already joined your team to mentor and coach them. This is the key to their strategy, i.e. retaining existing team members is more profitable than recruiting new ones.

Learn the art of providing a service or opportunity instead of trying to close a sale

Ok, you are with a traditional MLM or ‘new Age’ network marketing company or are planning on joining one? In recruiting new team members you need to learn the art of providing a service or opportunity instead of trying to close a sale. This is very important because when you joined a network marketing company you did not do so to enrich your sponsor but to be successful yourself. You must develop the mindset that you are offering a service that would help your prospect achieve their goals, this will influence the level of confidence you have in communicating the opportunity. Bear in mind and convince yourself that if one prospect doesn’t join you another will. That is one of the secrets to recruiting success. For example, a plumber markets his business and if you call him to book an appointment he knows if you don’t want his services someone else does and this is true. You need to develop that mindset. If you did not believe you were offering an opportunity to someone else then you are most probably with the wrong opportunity for you. Get out now.

If you are looking at taking the plunge into network marketing or have recently started, I hope you have gained some insight into how you can overcome the weakness you may have in personal selling. You do not need to run the risk of alienating friends and family to succeed in this industry. Be patient and choose the right opportunity for you. Develop the mindset that empowers you to believe you are trying to help yourself and others and ensure you take the necessary action to back your claims in terms of offering coaching, mentoring and support.

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