Monday, June 22, 2009


So you want to start your online business from home but are too scared to take decisive action due to fear of failure? You have heard too many horror stories of how people's dreams are dashed by lofty promises that never materializes. You are not alone. I and countless others have had to face this fear. But you know what? I'd rather try and fail than not try at all. Some people, including me conquer the fear of failure in starting an online business. Let me share a story with you.

My daughter was delighted one fine summer morning. I was walking her to school instead of using the car which I would normally do. She was pleased because she expected to receive a 'star' from her teacher as reward for being a good girl and exercising.

As she skipped ahead of me in delight, I had other things on my mind. As we passed our driveway, she asked "Daddy, what's that yellow thing on your car wheel?" That 'yellow thing' was the real reason I was walking her to school this fine morning. "It's called a wheel clamp", I sheepishly answered. You know what kids are like...six questions later, she understood that people who do not pay their parking tickets on time sometimes end up with these yellow horrible things on their car wheels.

As sweet as she was, the look she gave me and what she said next changed my life forever. It was the look someone gives you when they feel sorry for you. She seemed to finally understand why she did not always have MacDonald's or ice-cream when she occasionally asked. "Oh, they did the same thing to Melissa's dad", she told me. "Don't worry Daddy, you can take some money from my piggy bank".
Those two sentences broke my heart. I knew Melissa's dad. He is a fine gentleman, always polite. He was going through the same thing as I was. Good corporate jobs, managerial positions for both of us but still struggling to make ends meet. Daddy was so broke that his little daughter feels sorry for him.

I promised myself that day that it would be the last time I felt the way I did, like a mustard seed, because of a lack of money. I had lofty dreams like helping the underprivileged in Africa and taking my kids to Disney World but couldn't pay a parking ticket. I needed to realize my dreams by waking up! I promised myself that as long as I had breath, I was going to secure the financial future of my kids so that they are never in a position where they couldn't afford a parking ticket. I also promised myself that I would help as many people as possible to enjoy financial freedom. I got this inspiration from the plight of Melissa's dad. Sometimes the people who need help the most are those we think do not. I place myself and Melissa's dad in that category. On the surface, we appeared successful but in reality, we were staring at the abyss of personal failure.

People like Donald Trump have stressed the best way to achieve financial freedom is to be your own boss or to get extremely lucky. I decided to choose the former route and start an online business. It has been a challenge but I have enjoyed it immensely. The results, the challenges, the frustrations and the delight have been truly empowering. Several months down the line, I have fired my boss and I am now working my business full-time. I am truly on my way to achieving financial freedom for my family and helping others do the same.

Do not for one moment be fooled into thinking it has been smooth sailing. My friends and even my wife thought I had lost my mind when I decided to quit the corporate world. They had heard too many stories of how people fail in these types of businesses online. Initially, I had similar reservations but thankfully, another fear emerged which totally surpassed the fear of failure. That was the fear of inaction. Now, I dread not doing whatever it takes to ensure my life's mission is complete. If I didn't do what it takes to achieve my goals, I strongly believe I would end up a bitter and twisted man. I couldn't remain plodding in the corporate world, being afraid to open the bills, not having enough money to take my family for a meal and continually feeling like a failure. The way I conquered my fear of failure in my online business was to accept that I was a failure already and that I was not going to settle for my present circumstances.

I would like to walk my children to school out of choice and not because a 'yellow thing' was stuck to my car wheel. I will take the necessary steps to ensure this happens.

I hope my story will help inspire you to take option. Please bear in mind that an online business is not a get rich quick scheme. No matter which system is being offered to you, you need to realize that success or failure depends on you. Do not let failure be an option. Refuse to be intimidated by the fear of failure. Instead, channel that fear into action. Be persistent and consistent and your dreams will come true. The people that succeed in online businesses are those who treat their business as a business and not as a hobby. Go for that dream but taking action daily towards achieving your business goals.

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