Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have been thinking about this for a long time. Is a good leader born or made? Some people say leaders are born. That may be true in the case of a monarchy for example. I am absolutely convinced that anyone can become a good leader, as long as they have a mindset to become one. What is that mindset?

A good leader is one who is committed to serving rather than being served. This means the leader must focus on meeting the needs of the people being led. In network marketing, this involves providing a significant proportion of your time, coaching, mentoring and supporting members of your team. This is the surest way to grow your business and reduce attrition.

Too often, people think of great leaders as people who have vision and go on to achieve it to a certain extent, like Adolf Hitler. I do not consider this great leadership as it is unsustainable. People eventually feel manipulated and this could affect morale and sometimes even lead to rebellion. Therefore, a good leader is also one who identifies the needs of the people he or she leads and tailors his vision to meet these needs. In network marketing, for example, a leader could set a vision of creating a certain number of millionaires from among his team within a certain period.

A good leader must be adaptable to situations and recognise that a one-size-fits all approach is not the right approach. The leader must adapt his leadership to fit the occasion, the individual or the circumstances. She must demonstrate a high level of integrity – this is very important as people are likely to follow those whom they respect and trust.

We all demonstrate traits of both good and bad leadership. We can choose to deliver more consistent good leadership through personal development and self evaluation. Most importantly, by listening to and meeting the needs of our team members, success is almost guaranteed.

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