Monday, June 29, 2009


A lot of internet marketers seem to believe that by portraying themselves as mega-successful and mega-rich entrepreneurs, they stand a greater chance of growing their team and making a success of their business. They are suffering from short-termism. For longevity, honesty is the best policy. The following are three ways to ensure you build a strong foundation for your business that leads to sustainable long term growth.


As a new internet marketer, it is tempting to present yourself as a Superstar or Overachiever. What I’m about to say may go against the grain of what you’ve been led to believe but using this tactic is not only risky but dishonest. It’s true that you are more likely to attract new members if they are impressed with your track record, but they will be very disappointed if they subsequently found out that you were lying. You may recruit a lot of members initially, based on your disinformation but it is highly likely that the level of attrition in your business will be high as you lose the trust and confidence of your team members.

The good news is that you can still market your business without using earnings as your unique selling proposition. You can instead, focus on the lifestyle your business helps you to achieve. Lifestyle is just as important as money, if not more. Is not one of the reasons why you want to be rich to have a better lifestyle? You could use how your business helps you to spend more time with your kids, helps you to pursue your hobbies, ensures you contribute better to your community and helps build your confidence as a person as examples.

You need to be yourself in your marketing activities and it will come across. Lie or be economical with the truth and you will be quickly found out.


A lot of internet marketers hide the true costs of their business opportunity to convince leads to become team members. Yet, they profess to be focused on serving the interests of their team members. This is not only a dishonest act but also a poor tactic. It is better in the long run to recruit only the people who you are equipped to be in the business for a relatively long period of time. This is how we make money as residual income.

If a prospect knows the true cost of the opportunity, he will have the option to join now, join later or not join at all. That is entirely up to them. An internet marketer should not be trying just to get them to join so their income may be boosted. That is unethical and is the reason why the leaders in the industry are working so hard to change the negative perception influenced by some undesirable practices.

What an internet marketer should be doing instead is advising prospects on the best way to build their businesses based on their budget. If they do not have enough for the opportunity, tell them so. They will respect you more and there is a good chance they will find more money to enrol as they gain your trust.


The best way to be a success in internet marketer is to be a leader. A leader serves the interests of his team and a successful one is one who has grown a team with relatively low level of attrition. This success leads to wealth.

The leader must lead by example, by following the marketing plan she is teaching. Obviously, all team members will be at different stages of their development. However, the marketing plans for each team member of a certain level should be consistent. You need to demonstrate as openly and honestly as you can how successful your marketing strategies are. When something doesn’t work for you, share it with your team. This could serve as great motivation for some as they would realise that you do not have to be perfect to be successful in internet marketing.

It is advisable to let your team know your modus operandi as early as possible. Successful leaders spend the majority of the time they allocate to team members, coaching and mentoring those who are showing the desire to succeed and taking action. This should be independent of results to some extent. This is because, even in the case where two internet marketers are taking the exact same actions, both businesses will grow at a different rate. If the system is working as it should, then success will come. Once your team knows how you operate, they will understand better that it is their efforts and not yours that will lead to their success.

Being a successful internet marketer does not require one to be economical with the truth. Any successful entrepreneur will only want to work with people who are likely to succeed and not those who do not know what they are letting themselves in for. By being you, being open and demonstrating good leadership, the chances of being successful is greatly enhanced because in internet marketing, honesty is the best policy.

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