Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Apparently, there are two types of people in this world. Those who take life too seriously and those who are happy go lucky. It is reassuring to note that both types of people can be successful in the network marketing industry and both are as liable to fail, although they would beg to differ.

For the serious types - let's call them Pragmatists, life has got to be planned and organized day in, day out. They are terrified of taking undue risks and derive great pleasure from knowing everything is in order. They are generally regarded as seeing the glass half empty. This ability to plan and organizing is vital in growing a network marketing business.

The happy-go-lucky types or Sunshiners as they are sometimes called see life as an adventure and get a buzz of trying new things even if making mistakes could be costly. They are considered as the positive types, seeing the glass half full. They are happiest trying new things and having the adrenalin rush of uncertainty. This is very important, especially in times when the business results are frustrating. The Sunshiners would relish the challenge of turning her fortunes around.

The one set despises the choices and lifestyle of the other. However, each group has serious but totally misguided misconceptions about the other. For the Sunshiners, they see the Pragmatists as boring and unhappy control freaks. The Pragmatists regard Sunshiners as reckless and irresponsible.

Although these observations might seem true to the lazy mind, on deep reflection, they are absolutely ridiculous, if looked at in isolation. This is because every human being can be happy, a control freak, reckless and irresponsible. It is the situation or context that brings forth these behaviors.

For instance, a Sunshiner can be boring especially in areas where they have no interest. They would demonstrate drive and energy when they are engaged in an activity. They would be so engrossed in what interests them that they would sometimes ignore the needs of others. That kind of sounds like being boring to me. It can also mean bad leadership when put in the context of the network marketing industry. Leadership in the industry is about addressing the needs of your downline in terms of coaching, mentoring and support. They could be control freaks too. They always want to be in an environment that is fun, vibrant and challenging....and they would do anything it takes to ensure that happens. They guard their independence zealously in the way a control freak does.

A Pragmatist can be reckless in their haste to judge Sunshiners. The latter group really makes them uncomfortable when it comes to serious issues. They do like their energy and seemingly boundless enthusiasm sometimes but quickly get tired of it. They are very quick to scoff at the grand plans of Sunshiners, which insinuates recklessness. The perception of this group being more responsible than the Sunshiners can also be questioned. Take a situation whereby they have made their plans and tried to stick to it judiciously. The Sunshiner, who happens to be the Pragmatist's partner, feels stifled by these plans. All things being equal, you can bet your bottom and seriously devalued dollar that if a minor tweak is made to that plan and something goes wrong, the Sunshiner would be blamed for it. If that's not shirking responsibility, I don't know what is. In the network marketing industry, partners usually join forces to run their business. It is highly likely that the Pragmatist would try to take credit for when things go right and blame the Sunshiners when any risky marketing plan goes wrong. Rather than focusing on influencing change, they resort to the blame game which really annoys the Sunshiner.

It all goes to show that in haste to pigeon-hole ourselves as either Sunshiners or Pragmatists, we fail to realize that we, as humans are more complex and less black and white than we realize. I am convinced that every human being demonstrates the same kinds of behavior. The only difference is that we react differently according to the situation.

Therefore, I live you with two bits of advice rolled into one. Live your life! Live and let live!

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