Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Many people make the mistake of writing content before adding their keywords. Not only is this time consuming, it also affects the quality of the content, which may appear disjointed. Here are 3 top reasons why it is better to do the keyword research before creating content.

Keywords help you structure the article better

Armed with your keywords for any given article you are in a better position to structure your article for maximum effect. You will know the keyword density required and this will help your decision on whether to just use your keywords or variations of them, so they are not obvious. You will be able to more effectively place the keywords at strategic points in your article. You article will appear more natural and free flowing if the keywords are produced with the rest of the content.

Confidence that people are interested in your subject matter

There is a marked difference between the quality of content of the confident writer as opposed to one lacking confidence. With keyword research, you will have a better idea of the most popular keywords as you would have noted their usage and ranked them accordingly. You will be writing free from the pressure of wondering whether your article would reach your targeted audience and enough of them to grow your business for that matter. Believe it or not, that would influence how you come across in your writing. Knowing your article will be read by many people helps you come across confidently and this in turn would ensure you gain a loyal following before long.

Keywords help you create content quickly

Effective keyword research means drawing up a list of keywords in your business, checking the popularity of each and ranking them accordingly. You can then match these keywords against a list of issues or problems faced by people in the business that needs to be addressed.

For example, if you are an online marketer and your chosen keyword is online marketing, you may identify an issue that a lot of people are scared to start a business because of their fear of failure. This could give rise to the article idea, Conquering Your Fear of Failure in Online marketing. You will also need to draw up the list of issues or problems before writing the content.

In online marketing, as a guide, aim for around 50 keywords at any point in time and develop a list of issues around areas like prospecting, training, start-up capital, marketing budget, warm lists, residual income and so on. By matching the keywords and the issues together, you should be equipped with many article ideas. You will also have lots of options which should help you choose articles you feel ready to write about at any given time, which also contributes to the quality of the work you produce.

It is essential that effective keyword research is carried out before you write your articles. This will enhance the quality of the work you produce and increase the probability that your content is read by your targeted audience. You will also be in a position of not worrying about running out of ideas.

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