Monday, July 13, 2009


Carbon Copy PRO entrepreneur, Festus Sowah today announced plans to release a series of training videos over the next 12 months aimed at inspiring and motivating prospects, who are still undecided about starting their Carbon Copy PRO business.

Mr Sowah, who recently joined the internet marketing company that is the talk of the industry, said in a statement, “I am committed to helping as many people as possible achieve their life goals by providing them with tips, advice and information on internet marketing and self development”.

The internet marketer has published close to 100 articles on online marketing and self development and sees diversification into video production as a logical next step. He said “My plan is to reach people with different learning styles. The articles appeal to those who have a visual learning style, while the videos will reach those who respond to sight, sound and feelings”.

Unveiling his plans, Mr Sowah said “From August 1 2009, I will release one video a month on various aspects of leadership, motivation, entrepreneurial lifestyle, developing the right mindset and overcoming obstacles. The videos will teach budding entrepreneurs that success or failure in the industry depends on no one but themselves. I will teach them how to take action and do whatever it takes to succeed.

Festus Sowah is a member of Carbon Copy PRO based in New York. For more information, click here

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