Tuesday, July 14, 2009


According to Abraham Maslow, a US behavioural scientist developed a five stage model of motivation which is called the Hierarchy of Needs. In his model, Maslow identified five needs which must be satisfied in order, i.e. the lowest order need must first be satisfied, before the second lowest order needs and so on. The five stages are as follows:

1. Physiological need is the first need that needs to be satisfied. This relates to the need for air, food and water.
2. Safety needs – once the physiological need has been satisfied, the individual will need to satisfy his safety needs, which include the need for safe living environment and job security
3. Social needs – these include the need for belonging, family and love
4. Self esteem needs – the need for achievement, recognition and status
5. Self actualisation – this is the highest order need relating to an individual’s quest to achieve her full potential.

Many internet marketers start their business to address either security, social or self esteem needs. The successful internet marketers end up satisfying these needs. According to Maslow, once these needs have been satisfied, it implies that the successful internet marketer will now want to achieve her full potential or self actualise.

Although Maslow’s theory was based on employers in the workplace identifying the motivational needs of their employees, the internet marketer as both employee and employer of herself can self actualise through a good online marketing business.

The best opportunities out there teach their entrepreneurs certain things which help them to fulfil their potential. Seven of these things are outlined below:

1. A good online marketing program teaches its entrepreneurs to look beyond their cultural background and limiting beliefs and helps them condition themselves to think as winners. One key message drummed into the psyche of successful entrepreneurs is that they can achieve anything they want as long as they are focused, determined and tenacious.

2. Successful internet marketing entrepreneurs have been taught to believe in themselves and be independent in their thoughts and actions. They should be willing to learn from their mistakes and use failure as an opportunity to learn

3. Successful entrepreneurs typically earn a fortune and work very few hours. This gives them the opportunity to contribute more meaningfully to society by focusing on activities that would enhance their personal growth and help them fulfil their potential. For example, with enough time on his hands, an entrepreneur could spend that time on charity work, helping team members grow their business or doing voluntary work.

4. Self actualisation, as aforementioned is about contributing to society. A quality internet marketing program will equip its entrepreneurs with the skills and mindset required to teach and mentor others about becoming the best they can. Secondly, by being a role model that team members aspire to emulate, the successful entrepreneur will be contributing to the development of others without seeming to do so.

5. The successful internet entrepreneur learns the importance of being disciplined, focused, persistent and consistent in achieving her goals from a good online business opportunity. This mindset is transferable and therefore can be used in other projects outside of her business.

6. One of the most important lessons taught by quality online business opportunities is the need to priorities. Take for example, an entrepreneur’s budget being allocated to video marketing, article marketing and pay per click. If pay-per-click is converting the highest number of leads to team members, the entrepreneur is taught to reduce advertising spend to video and article marketing and allocate more funds to pay-per-click. Similarly, an online marketing business with quality teaches the entrepreneur to prioritise marketing before training. Although both are important, one adds more value to the business than the other. This is also a very important transferable skill.

7. Finally, a successful internet marketer is taught to love and appreciate himself and to help others to do the same. He knows that each individual has ultimate responsibility for him or herself and must therefore take relevant actions to ensure they are fulfilling their purpose in life.

The list above is not exhaustive. However, a good online business opportunity teaches its entrepreneurs these very valuable lessons which are transferable to other aspects of their lives and which can be taught to others. They help the internet marketer fulfil his true potential and help others do the same.

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