Thursday, July 16, 2009


So what is the secret to the success of Internet marketing’s top earners? Is it the fantastic system they use to grow their business? Is it the high start up capital they can inject into their business? Is it their seemingly bottomless pit of a marketing budget? All of these help but none of these is the top reason. The top reason is mindset. If you have a winning mentality you are likely to succeed, if you have an excuse mentality, things will hardly to right for you.

Your mindset determines your level of success. If you fail for take responsibility for your actions, instead of doing whatever it takes to improve your business performance, you will instead focus on complaining about how unlucky you are or blaming others for your misfortunes. By adopting a defeatist mentality, any project or activity you undertake is doomed to failure – this is also known as the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is a theory which argues that an individual can attract whatever it is she desires by thinking about it. In other words, our thoughts have energy which attracts things into our lives. The beauty about this is that we can control this energy by:

• Deciding what it is we want
• Asking for it mentality
• Behaving as if you have already achieved what it is we really want
• Being mentally prepared to receive what it is we desire

The law of attraction shows that we can will the good things but also unfortunately, the bad things into our lives. If we consistently think of ourselves as failures and that nothing good happens to us, in all likelihood this is exactly what will happen. Conversely, if we think we can achieve anything we set our mind to, then we are willing a winning mentality into our lives and no matter what we want to achieve, we are more than likely to succeed.

When we are faced with problems or challenges come our way, the successful internet entrepreneurs look for empowering ways to overcome them. They switch straight into solution mode, finding answers to questions such as:

• What tools and resources can I use to overcome these challenges?
• Am I approaching things from the right perspective?
• Is this a challenge or actually an opportunity to learn something new?

These questions spur the top earners in the industry into action and more often than not, they come up with solutions and sometimes innovative ideas that will grow their businesses further.

Having a winning mentality also means taking appropriate steps to enhance your personal growth. Your business grows faster the more you self develop as personal development helps you learn new ideas and techniques; overcome weaknesses; build on strengths; and exploit opportunities. Self development is a personal thing. Do only what works for you. If you learn better by watching training videos, reading books or listening to conference calls, as long as you are getting value from it, that is all that matters.

It is time to stop acting like the victim. Be a winner and think like a champion. Take steps to keep you ahead of the game and be responsible for your actions. Growing your business should share top billing with your self development. Developing a winning mentality is the most important factor required for success in the internet marketing industry.

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