Tuesday, July 28, 2009


One of the most popular models of learning styles is the VAK model which stands for Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. It is important for Internet entrepreneurs to be aware of their learning styles as this would help them tailor their training and development accordingly. Let’s look at each in turn:

• Visual – an individual learns best by sight, e.g. watching demos, videos and pictures; and reading books and articles
• Auditory – an individual learns best by sound, e.g. listening to audio tapes and conference calls and participating in conference calls
• Kinesthetic – an individual learns best by physical activities, e.g. touching, feeling, rehearsing scripts

It is important to note at this point that an individual may have a strong preference for one learning style or a combination of learning styles. Increasingly, online marketing businesses offer various training options to assist their entrepreneurs, e.g. conference calls, articles, webinars and videos. By knowing her preferred learning style, an entrepreneur could then decide which training methods to prioritise. She does not need to do all training as it would be a waste of time.

Here’s a simple method to determine your learning style. Below is a list of questions with three possible answers to each question. Choose the answer which closely resembles you for each question. All A answers are visual, B, auditory and C kinaesthetic. At the end add up the scores. The highest score is your preferred learning style. If the scores are similar or the same it indicates that you have a near perfect mix of learning styles and you may wish to use all training methods. If you have one clear winner that’s your preferred learning style and so on.

1. My favourite way of teaching someone something new is to:
a. Write them a step by step guide
b. Teach them orally
c. Show them how it’s done

2. My best way of learning a new skill is by:
a. Watching a demonstration
b. Seeking clarification of what I am required to do
c. Practising or rehearsing the skill until it is perfect

3. The easiest way I can remember something is by:
a. Making notes
b. Reciting
c. Practising or rehearsing

4. My favourite revision technique is:
a. Making revision notes
b. Recording my notes and playing them over and over
c. Doing mock exams

5. My favourite pastimes include:
a. Watching television
b. Talking on the phone
c. Cleaning the house or playing sports

6. I concentrate best by:
a. Focusing on objects
b. Talking through issues
c. Pacing up and down

This is just a simple technique. There are more advanced techniques. One example, is to rate each answer by order of preference instead of just picking the favourite one. Either way, it is important for the entrepreneur to identify his learning style as this will ensure he picks the right training methods to drive his business forward.

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