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This is the first in a series of articles about the lifestyle enjoyed by successful online marketing entrepreneurs. These articles are aimed at inspiring potential and new internet marketers by showing how ordinary people are achieving success and living the lives of their dreams through hard work, focus, commitment and personal development.

Aaron and Sophia Rashkin, a husband and wife team, have seen and done it all in online marketing. They have recruited over 1000 people from cold and warm markets and built lots of successful teams over their combined 15 year career in the industry using traditional multi-level marketing (MLM) methods.

They have now moved from the traditional methods as they had run out of family members to recruit, and increasingly prospects are reacting more negatively to being cold called. They have ditched the home parties and the high level of attrition in their business for Carbon Copy Pro, which is considered one of the best and fastest growing online marketing systems today.

In explaining the difference between the traditional and the Carbon Copy Pro ways, Aaron says, “Join any traditional network marketing company and they will teach you how to make your list, pitch your family and friends, cold call leads, host home parties and attend hotel events. This is called prospecting”. The former health and nutritional professional continues, “When you join Carbon Copy Pro, you will learn how to position yourself on the Internet, in front of a tremendous audience of online entrepreneurs or soon to be entrepreneurs, who are already looking for what you have to offer. This is not called prospecting, but marketing – big difference.

It has not been smooth sailing for the Rashkins. Before joining Carbon Copy Pro in 2008, they spent 5 years with a popular MLM company. They did everything to be successful including hosting parties, even when Sophia was pregnant with their second son. Having kept their own side of the bargain and recruited a large team, they were very disappointed and discouraged to realise they only made $4k a month.

Consequently, they took the decision to join Carbon Copy Pro, a decision that judging by their results, has been nothing short of inspired. In only their second month with the company marketing its business in a box, BiB and promoting financial and wealth management products, the Rashkins made nearly $6k. That was little compared to subsequent months, notably approximately $12k, $40k, $60k and $80k in the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th months respectively.

The Rashkins are now living the life of their dreams. In early 2009, the top producing entrepreneurs announced their attendance at the Wealth Masters International – the company which owns the financial and wealth management products that they market – Private Wealth Group Conference at the fabulous Paradisus Palma Real resort in the breathtaking Dominican Republic. There, they will mingle with some of the most successful people in the industry like Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson, co-founders of Carbon Copy Pro and learn the secrets to wealth creation and protection that is not readily accessible to the general public. They will be in an environment where they will work hard and play hard too.

Most importantly, their two boys and their nanny will be in tow. As Aaron points out, “what we love about working with Carbon Copy Pro is that even making this type of income, we are able to take a lot of time off and spend it with our two boys”. Recently, the couple have been to The Bahamas, Lake Tahoe, Hawaii, Cancun, Mexican Riviera and Thailand to name a few. What’s more, they never miss a school event or field trip as they have the time to do it. Their time is not traded for dollars either. They have lots of it to spend on their needs and desires and those of their kids. “We have trips planned to New York, Las Vegas and wherever else we want to go in between, thanks to Carbon Copy Pro”, Aaron said.

The Rashkins believe anyone can be successful in the online marketing industry as long as they have the desire, are willing to learn new skills and work as hard as possible and more so with Carbon Copy Pro as the automated system backing them up. Final word goes to Sophia, “if you are looking for a major life change, have a huge desire to succeed, are coachable and teachable and willing to put forth the effort, we would consider you for our winning team.” These are not empty words either. The couple have been known to turn down applicants who they do not believe have what it takes to be successful in the industry.

Carbon Copy Pro’s mission is to create 100 millionaires by 2012. If the Rashkin’s progress is anything to go by, then the company should only be looking for 99 people now.

To see the business Aaron and Sophia have been building, click here

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