Thursday, July 2, 2009


There are a lot of claims and counter claims relating to the perception of internet marketing. Some people claim the majority of these business opportunities are scams and should be avoided in favour of brick and mortar businesses, while others believe the high six figure incomes are easily achievable. The truth lies somewhere in between. However, that truth is not the same for everyone and depends on our versions of reality.

My reality is that high incomes are achievable but not easily. It requires me to be patient, persistent and consistent in order to achieve my goals. I am conditioned to believe that there will be frustrating times when it feels like my business is not going anywhere and that I must not quit at the first sign of a setback. In my world, I believe failure in internet marketing is mainly due to the internet entrepreneur not doing whatever it takes to be successful. My reality has also ensured I am confident of achieving anything I set my mind to.

We all have our realities. If there are six billion people in the world, there must be six billion different realities. Some may be similar but no two will ever be the same. For the people in poor developing nations for example, their reality is a life of constant struggle, where they may believe education is a privilege and not a right. In Western nations, the reverse is more likely true.

The beauty about realities is that it is not fixed. We could opt to change our realities at any moment. This involves challenging our beliefs and gradually changing them. To be successful in internet marketing, the buck must stop with you. If you believe you are fine but it is just the system, your sponsor or your team members that are causing you problems, you are bound to fail. Develop a mindset of always taking responsibility. If you believe your sponsor is not offering you enough support for example, instead of blaming him, consider how you could change the state of affairs. Do you need to contact him more regularly instead? Are you following the system or are you just doing your own thing? If your team members are dropping out of your business like flies, consider whether you are recruiting the right calibre of people in the first place. Are you offering them enough support?

One of the main realities that is important for the success of your business is believing you are a successful entrepreneur. If you do not believe this, then pack up and go home. Your reality reflects the way you see yourself inside. If you believe you are successful, your actions will be those of a successful person meaning you will spend more time with successful people, you will undergo self development training, and you will persevere until you get the breakthrough and so on.

The people that claim the six figure income are easily achievable in internet marketing and go on to achieve it are those who have probably done it before or who are supremely confident in their abilities. Those who believe internet marketing claims are scams are most probably those who are conditioned to believe that internet marketers are offering get-rich-quick schemes. They are not. Internet marketing requires a lot of hard work but unlike the brick and mortar business and traditional employment, the rewards could be high for relatively low investment of time and money, if you apply yourself correctly.

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