Thursday, July 16, 2009


People enter the Internet marketing industry for various reasons. Some want to supplement their income, while some want to replicate their 9-5 income. Others are tired of trading time for dollars and need to spend more time doing the things they love. Some are after the flashy cars, exotic holidays and the dream mansion. What do the top 3% of internet marketers have in common?

It’s called leadership. In the industry, it is believed only 3% of the population achieve exceptional success. These 3% demonstrate qualities associated with good leadership, which leads to consistently excellent results. Their motivation or inspiration has little to do with the money they make, the cars they drive, the places they visit or the houses they live in. These are all by products of their success.

What really drives the top earners in the online marketing business is providing leadership to their downline. By helping others succeed, they are accomplishing two things at once. Firstly, they are increasing their own residual income. Secondly, and more importantly, they are self-actualising. The top earners look beyond making money. Their goal is focused on fulfilling their potential to the fullest. Self actualising is about helping others and giving back to society and that is what the top leaders do.

While less successful or unsuccessful entrepreneurs focus on how much money they can or are making, the top 3% of leaders look at how many people they have helped become a success. That is what truly excites and inspires them. The rest takes care of itself.

The top earners demonstrate three top qualities – passion, love and integrity to their downline. They display a passion for the business of their promising team members to the point where they are willing to spend their valuable time helping them grow their business. They enjoy reliving the journey from budding entrepreneur to a successful one, therefore, it is little wonder they demonstrate so much passion.

The love they demonstrate to their team members need to be experienced to be believed. The really successful internet marketers are generally more accessible than the wannabees. The only caveat is your business must show promise through your efforts for them to gift you their valuable time on a more consistent basis. They look after the interests of their members or downline as if they were family members. These leaders look beyond the business relationship with their downline, act as mentors and can be depended upon to offer other forms of support.

In terms of integrity, the top 3% of leaders demonstrate it to the highest degree. The success of any leader is dependent on the trust and respect they enjoy from those who they lead. Trust and respect needs to be earned and on a consistent basis. A top earner’s word is her bond. If she says she is going to do something, she pulls out all the stops to make it happen.

The top leaders in the internet marketing industry have these three qualities of passion, love and integrity fully developed and ingrained in their psyche. Their main inspiration and motivation is to help others succeed and the rest takes care of itself. It is little wonder only 3% of internet marketing entrepreneurs enjoy exceptional results. This is because they demonstrate qualities of unselfishness which does not come naturally to a lot of people.

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